Our technology

Expertise in ultra-thin, energy harvesting, durable, waterproof, vulcanised and woven solutions.

UHF & combined frequency (LF+UHF, HF+UHF) inlays, cards & tags.

Patented copper wound antennas at 125kHz and 13.56MHz.

Patented thin and flat inlays 200μm.

Injection and over-moulded tags.

LED Inlays.

Energy harvesting antennas.

Patented vulcanisable tag.

Woven Antennas.



Extreme environment RFID.

From supply chain management, security and retail sales to tracking and management of uniforms and laundry, integral RFID and antennas in smart textiles allow them to be connected to provide a wealth of data. The number of applications is limitless enabling consumers to connect a product via mobile app directly to the manufacturer. WIRETX is both waterproof and durable, and the minimal dimensions allow the product to be woven into the hem on something as light as a t-shirt where it is virtually undetectable.

Vulcanised, in-tire technology.

SES have patented their WIRETX ‘wire tag’ technology that combines a very thin wire antenna with RFID and sensors. It is particularly suited to extremely harsh environments and its patented construction now allows it to be vulcanised or moulded within automotive tires as part of the manufacturing process.

WIRETX now provides tracking, identification and authentication for automotive tires and other rubber components.



Durable, water resistant, rugged transponders.

ZEUSTX, an innovative SES RFID transponder product that covers a wide array of applications such as industrial automation, laundry, manufacturing, logistics, retail and many more.


HF & HF+UHF band hard tags.

Characterised by durability, water resistance and ruggedness, ZEUSTX offers a variety of compact, hard tag product sizes in the HF and HF + UHF bands. Available in an array of standard or customised form factors, ZEUSTX tags are designed for harsh and demanding conditions.



Energy harvesting, LED light status system.

We produce a card inlay that indicates the status of a transaction or an operation. The card incorporates a variable number of LED’s that illuminate according to the pre-programming of the application. With a thickness of just 300 microns, the module can replace the ‘standard’ inlay between the outer layers of a credit card, entry card or rewards card without increasing the thickness. The LED’s are not visible when unlit. 

300 micron thin inlay.

Our system incorporates three of our specialist technologies – Thin and Flat (TIN) Inlay, Energy Harvesting and our own SES Module. The 300 micron-thin inlay is sandwiched between the outer layers of the card resulting in a perfectly flat surface suitable for high-quality printing. The energy for the LED’s is harvested from the card reader itself eliminating the need for a power supply.



Smart Wearables.

Smart wearables are connected devices that are worn by a user for applications such as fitness and location tracking, access control, communication and contactless payments. These are available in several forms – watches, wristbands, rings, smart clothing, etc..

For people on the move.

WEARTX is a high-gain waterproof antenna with a minimum footprint, low profile chip assembly and electro-magnetic shielding. It can be incorporated into an existing device such as a watch body or a smart device with compliant reading distance and NFC payment capability.



200 Micron, thin & flat inlay.

UM200 is our patented ultra-thin and ultra-flat antenna technology that can be incorporated into products which require extremely high performance. Rugged antennas and standard chips that do not add to the thickness of the product nor impede the surface for high quality printing.

Ultra-thin inlays for card applications.

We have developed this patented technology and can now offer durable, high-performance antennas down to a thickness of 200 microns. UM200 is ideally suited for products that require a perfectly flat printing surface, e.g. ticketing, credit and access cards, casino playing cards. 

  • Human Hair 150-200 microns
  • SES Inlay 200 microns



Smart packaging.

Smart packaging provides supply chain management of goods and assets from ‘point of manufacture’ to beyon ‘point of sale’. A smart package enhances the ownership experience by allowing consumers to connect their product directly to the manufacturer via a mobile app.

End to end consumer RFID connectivity.

SES smart packaging technology combines two antennas with dual frequency RFID chip in a printable label that is compatible with existing packaging technologies. It is also available as an over-moulded tag for clothing applications.

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