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Industry leaders in ultra-thin, energy harvesting, smart wearable and woven antenna technology.


Advanced RFID Technology For Every Sector



RFID Status System

Energy harvesting LED light indication inlay



Woven Antennas For Intelligent Textiles

Fabric interlaced antennas for textile connectivity



Smart Wearables

Durable RFID technology for people on the move



Energy Harvesting Circuitry

Intelligent green energy ‘sleep circuitry’ without native power



200 Micron Thin & Flat Inlays

Ultra-thin inlays for card applications

Innovation Design Manufacture

Our Products At The Core Interface Of Many Multi-National Companies


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that enables contactless communication between an object and a compatible reader. It utilises an antenna (transponder) incorporated into the object to connect to the reader and can be securely identified through a unique code.


Near Field Communication is a generic term that enables two-way interaction and information exchange between close proximity electronic devices. One of these is often a portable device such as a smart phone which allows transactions such as contactless payments and data access.


Event management, goods tracking, digital wallets, ticketing, medical, smart cards, contactless payments, security, fitness, identification, access control, transportation, automotive, commerce, leisure, manufacturing.

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Come And Meet Us

ICMA Expo 2017 Orlando

March 27-30

Come and see are  LEDTRAK card technology at ICMA and will be delighted to see you there.

ISC WEST 2017 Las Vegas

April 5th-7th
We will be displaying our technology at the Connected Security Expo.

Secutech 2017, Taipei

12th-14th April
Connecting the security industry at Secutech. Come and meet us.  

RFID Journal Live Phoenix 2017

May 9th-11th 2017
We are exhibiting our latest technology at RFID Journal Live. Please come and meet us.  

Wearable Europe 2017 Berlin

May 10th - 11th 2017
Come and see our smart wearable technology at Wearable Europe.

Wearable USA California

November 15th-16th Santa Clara, CA
Come and see our smart wearable technology in the USA - Wearable USA, Santa Clara, CA.